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Paleo Pepper

Pepper was one of my nicknames in college.   When it came time to come up with a name for my first blog, it was an easy decision.   Paleo Pepper!  Done.

Paleo Pepper was my life for more than a year.  I blogged about issues that were familiar to me.  These included, most relevantly, the paleo community, disordered eating, weight loss, hypothyroidism, and PCOS.  One thing that ended up happening was that I created a dialogue about disordered eating.   I blogged occasionally on the science behind certain health disorders and on my own journey, but the focus of the website ended up being food psychology.

My blog became a service, and it became a place where people who were trying to overcome disordered eating might find solace.  I openly invited people to email me and to initiate conversations with me about their struggles.  This meant that I spent several hours each week, if not each day, in personal correspondence with women and men all over the country.

I love doing that, and I have continued to do that.

Paleo Pepper is the backbone of what I do here at Paleo for Women.  That website is still up and running.   I still counsel women who need help specifically with body image and eating disorder issues.   But here at Paleo for Women I have launched a more concerted effort at the coupling of health and womanhood. Here I explore, in the context of moving towards empowered womanhood, the biochemistry of feminine health.   I focus most of my attention here now.   But my passion about Paleo Pepper and disordered eating stands.  My fire against American norms still burns.  And my desire to bridge the gap between sexism and food psychology remains fierce.  I invite you to head over to Paleo Pepper if you are interested in my background in those issues.  I invite you to browse around here for the integration of Pepper’s fire with Paleo for Women’s physical nourishment.  At either location, you will find fierce feminism, rigorous science, and the pursuit of happy, holistic health.

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