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Leptin and Why You Should Love Your Booty

Aug 05, 20142 Comments246 Views

  The following is a guest post by a fellow health blogger – Kate – who had an infertility problem then fell in love with

using primrose oil for acne

Evening Primrose Oil for Acne, Estrogen Dom...

Jul 29, 20147 Comments337 Views

One thing about being a health blogger that drives me nuts is being asked about supplements. Mostly I don’t like it because I never know what to


What are the biggest red flags for differen...

Mar 03, 20146 Comments45 Views

  Last week Sarah and Stacy had me as a guest on their podcast The Paleo View. They said that it was a moral imperative for them


I Failed, Gained 15 Pounds and Saved my Lif...

Jan 21, 201431 Comments112 Views

The one thing that we talk about most in this community is how to be in hormone balance. How to be fertile. How to enjoy

Fullscreen capture 2012-10-29 PM 080617.bmp

Everything you need to know about acne in 3...

Jan 16, 201427 Comments319 Views

  Contrary to the popular dermatology mantra that lotions solve everything and food solves nothing, there is nothing more powerful for skin health than improving

Overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea

Jul 22, 201382 Comments742 Views

  Far back in the very beginning weeks of this blog, I wrote a long series of articles on the sources of infertility.    In


Low on Progesterone? Why Stress Reduction M...

Mar 19, 201346 Comments625 Views

One of the biggest hormone problems that plagues women is having low progesterone levels.   On some level this is natural: it happens during menopause,


The Estrogen Dominance Post: Where Its Comi...

Mar 13, 201396 Comments1204 Views

Estrogen dominance — the condition of having higher estrogen relative to progesterone levels — is one that plagues millions of women at all ages.  It

ask stefani with question mark cooper

Ask Stefani: PCOS Edition

Jan 28, 20135 Comments84 Views

More questions about PCOS this afternoon!   No surprises here.  Below are some thoughts on endometriosis and PCOS, quinoa, feeling restricted, allergies, and moving forward


Which progesterone blockers are in your die...

Jan 21, 201311 Comments132 Views

When doing some research on phytoestrogens earlier last month, I came across information on molecules that perform the same antagonistic activity but this time with

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