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If you eat paleo, you are still going to di...

Jun 19, 201415 Comments116 Views

  Sooooo. Here’s a confession for you: I used to be obsessed with being healthy. Obsessed is an understatement. But there is no better, no

I Cut Out My Gallbladder, Then Wanted To Die.

I cut out my gallbladder, then wanted to di...

Jun 17, 20146 Comments217 Views

Hola ladies. What follows today is a hell of a monster of a behemoth of a post. It’s nine single-spaced pages in Microsoft word. This

sexy by nature preview

Sexy by Nature Preview, Q&A, and givea...

Feb 26, 2014124 Comments93 Views

As of writing this post, there are exactly twenty days left until Sexy by Nature is released! I also got about $2000 worth of books shipped to my house


The Evolutionary Perspective: Liberating an...

May 18, 20129 Comments169 Views

The modern notion of womanhood, in which women eat little, exercise a lot, have eating disorders and body image issues, and are expected to look like rails, fails


The Paleo Template: Playing Nice with Our G...

Apr 15, 20121 Comment114 Views

Our genes are the blueprint with which we were born, generated by millions of years of evolution.   In this way, genetics provides the spectrum


The Female Body and Why I’m an Advoca...

Apr 15, 201211 Comments76 Views

Much like the wider society in which we live, the health world is biased.  In the past, this was an overt bias, but today, it’s

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