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Interview with Diane Sanfilippo on Sean Croxton’s UW Radio!

Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Blog, Podcast | 3 comments

Interview with Diane Sanfilippo on Sean Croxton’s UW Radio!

Last night Diane stepped in for Sean on his podcast, Underground Wellness, and interviewed me for Sean’s regular listeners. ¬† We chatted about stress, how important it is for everyone, including public figures, to reduce stress, fasting, the differences between men and women, amenorrhea, and all the reasons why a woman might lose her period. ¬†Listen or download @: Blog Talk Radio.

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  1. Stefani, you’re a tiny bit amazing. By “tiny bit” I mean “incredibly”.

    • Hi. I love you.

  2. Hi Stefani!!
    you are amazing, such an inspiration! i love the compassion and grace to which you seem to address everyone and everything. you look so incredibly young, but somehow, still manage to be one of the wisest people i have ever heard speak. im not sure words are enough, but i want to thank you for all that you do and hope that you know you are making an incredible impact on this world just by being you!! thank you!!

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