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Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom: An ebook that three years ago would have saved me… three years of horrible acne.

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 in Blog | 7 comments

Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom: An ebook that three years ago would have saved me… three years of horrible acne.


This Toadally Primal bundle that I recently purchased is thrilling the paleo cortises of my brain.    In the middle of moving back to Boston and starting up a brand new semester of work, I’ve still managed to get sucked into new ebooks every single morning.

Today I ventured into the lovely Tracy McCullough‘s book Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom.  Tracy’s pathway to the paleo diet and holistic healing came through her acne.  Devastated–much as I was–by the cystic sores that refused to go away no matter what she tried, Tracy finally worked all of it out on her own: acne is caused by our internal environments, vitamins are important, health is important, stress is important, natural salves and creams are the best for healing.  These ideas may be somewhat obvious to all of us, now, but the way in which Tracy covers them was new and insightful for me.

In reading Tracy’s book, I learned in addition to everything else I already know about hormones and holistic health:

-All of the factors about dairy that make it the most acne causing food

-How I can eat dairy safely even as a highly-dairy-reactive woman with hormone problems

-The importance of vitamins A, D, and K working together

-The magic of cod liver oil and several other natural remedies

-The best types of substances (certain honeys, specific natural oils) for reducing inflammation and oil production

-How to properly exfoliate

-What MSM oil is and how it can eliminate acne scars

And more.

What’s even better is that Tracy is a fun writer who pays great attention to the psychological aspects of acne.  Reading Tracy’s book, I felt as though she got me.  She understands everything that acne sufferers go through, and she walks her readers through health and healing with positivity, empathy, and great insight about the psychological impacts of acne.

For that reason, Tracy has also published an ebook titled Cure Your Skin Compulsions which is a guide towards stopping picking and obsessing over your acne.  Quitting picking is one of the most important factors of skin health, and Tracy might have, finally after all of the times I have read this advice, finally convinced me to quit picking at my skin.

Cure Your Skin Compulsions also walks you through a step by step process of not picking, giving you specific action steps for specific weeks, months, and turning points in your physiological and psychological journey.

For this reason, I think I love Cure Your Skin Compulsions even more than Acne Freedom.

Either way, both books would have saved my life and my soul several years ago.  I’ve learned boatloads through my struggles, but with Tracy I am pretty sure I would have been able to avoid them.

Check out Tracy’s work at her lovely blog The Love Vitamin, or get both of these books as a part of the 92 percent off deal of the Toadally Primal bundle.   Remember: this bundle includes 33 ebooks that normally total 479 dollars for just 39 dollars until Monday, January 14.  Tracy’s books, cookbooks, Abel James’s books, a handful of intros to paleo, and books on natural birth and natural pregnancy are all included.  So is the first half of PCOS Unlocked!

A dangerously delightful deal.

Check it out:

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  1. How about acne rosacea? Where can i look for ansvers? I hate the 3 months on antibiothics every year. It messes up my health and mood every time.
    Thank you for a great blog.

  2. I read the same thing, and I have a whole mess of questions for the author! Working on writing up an email now.

    I had 100% perfect skin, even as a teenager. I did not get acne until I was on paleo for a very long time, living clean, I have been off birth control for almost 8 months, I dropped my toxic chemical beauty products and yet the problem is getting worse. This is emotionally debilatating for someone who always had great skin and is used to feeling comfortable without makeup. I am on cod liver oil, have done pretty much everything i am supposed to.

    How is it that on my processed food diet, smearing my face with toxic chemicals i had better skin than i do now?

    • Hi Michelle!
      Did the acne start appearing maybe 3 to 6 months after you quit the birth control pill? If that is the case, it’s a very common occurrence because quitting birth control can put your hormones through a loop, no matter what your diet is like. One of my recent articles might really help you:

      And you can also gain a lot of support from the women in the comments section of this thread:

    • Michelle, I would try to identify a possible food sensitivity. I recently developed a sensitivity to eggs out of nowhere. I too am having trouble with acne even though my diet is clean, so I’m trying to see if a particular food might be causing breakouts.

  3. Create a healing acne masque of fresh pineapple and cucumber. Just put the two ingredients in equal parts into your blender and liquify. Spread the resulting thin paste over the entire affected area of your skin to help heal pimples and irritation. Let the mixture sit for half an hour, then rinse with warm water followed by cool water. Pat dry gently.

  4. Does the book “Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom” talk about cystic acne on the chin. I break out all the time on my chin. I tried using benzoyl peroxide, but it doesn’t do a thing except irritating it. I went to the my doctor, and he injected cortisol into them. Can you please post up the link to the book?

    • hm, not specifically. I might look into hormonal acne (there are some posts about it on this site) and testosterone if you only break out on your chin.

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