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I had the recent and enormous delight to guest host for Jimmy this month.   When Paul agreed to be my guest, too, I couldn’t have been more excited.   I’d be able to dig deep into his thoughts on the new edition of his, Shou-Ching, and Mark Sisson’s book The Perfect Health Diet,  as well as to pick his brain on carbohydrate requirements.  What justifies a need for carbohydrates?  Do we need them?  Might certain populations (such as women, or specifically people recovering from hypothalamic amenorrhea or other reproductive stressors) need carbohydrates more than others?   The bulk of the podcast focuses on the new PHD, but we get to the carby nitty gritty in the latter half and Paul’s brain is enormous, so I recommend taking a listen and a look.

In the podcast we talk about

-calorie restriction,

-dealing with cravings,

-types and quantities of carbs eaten by contemporary and paleolithic hunter gatherers,

-how the Perfect Health Diet differs from other versions of “paleolithic” eating and

-both the physical and mental health success stories of the Perfect Health Diet.

We also discuss all the new innovations to the PHD book — and from my own perusing I can say personally that it is my go-to recommendation for health seekers as well as my own favorite reference.

Listen: here!

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