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There are a lot of resources out there in the paleo blogosphere. They span from ice cream cookbooks to yoga how-tos to fertility manuals, and their quality ranges anywhere from ‘I’d sell my soul to eat those pancakes’ to ‘I’d sell my soul to never have to eat those pancakes.’

Fortunately, I am the pelican on the paleosphere reef. I know who’s swimming with who, what’s going on with what, and all the stuff that’s worth your time. (At this point, I’m not sure if you’re a scuba diver or a fish or a turtle, but I hope you get my point.)

I consider it one of my most noble duties to notify you of the good, new, hot-off-the-presses stuff available in the paleosphere. I absolutely must do this, because I can. 

So anyway.

There’s a hot new thing available today, and it’s all about making paleo easy.


The Standard American Diet is everywhere. This makes it super convenient. Like, beyond convenient. You can grab candy, protein bars, chips, or snacks from pretty much any location anywhere ever, and take it with you to any location anywhere ever.

When you start eating a paleo diet, that convenience disappears. You can get protein bars, but only at Whole Foods or another good organic store. You can eat an airport, but only if you buy a mealy $2.00 apple from a Starbucks, or if you happen upon a sushi bar. You can eat a good meal at work, but only if you made meals and snacks ahead of time and have all the proper storage equipment on hand.

This is where Paleo to Go comes into play. Paleo to Go teaches you how to take paleo with you. No more starving at airports, or stopping at 7-11 because you ran out of good food, or living off of almonds because that seems like the only viable, transportable options.

(I’m looking at you, readers.)

Fortunately almonds are only the very tiny start of what you can do with paleo on the go.  There are literally dozens of fast snacks and meals (like Pizza Egg Cups, Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips, or Bacon-Wrapped Dates) you can prepare that travel easily… you only need people like Stacy and Matt to show you how.


Paleo to Go

So Paleo to Go has more than 40 snack and meal idea recipes. All of which are attentive to packing a good lunch full of the right nutrients to boost energy and make you feel good, or making a nutritious snack for you or your kids to hold you over until the next good meal.

It also has everything you need to know about packing up the food (which lunch boxes they like the best!), keeping it secure and safe, heating or cooling it, as well as all the best recommendations out there for kick-ass paleo products like Primal Pacs and Epic Bars for those times when you really are in a pinch and need a paleo grab-and-go.


Paleo to Go

There’s also an allergy guide (with egg and nut and other allergy-free recipes), exclusive coupons and discounts to various paleo vendors and products, a guide to macro nutrients and how to make a good, well-balanced meal, and, perhaps my absolute favorite part, how to make sure you always make a lunch your kids will enjoy.

Good parents, these Paleo Parents. 🙂


You can read more about it and grab it @ here if you’re interested.


Paleo to Go


From my highly exclusive pelican porch to the pleasure of your reef experience,



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